We Are Arkitech Group

A technology advisory and IT services company

with decades of experience designing, sourcing, and managing IT projects. We provide an unbiased, vendor agnostic approach to solving your IT challenges at no cost to our customers. We take on the burden of vendor evaluation, negotiation, and project management, saving our customers valuable time and money. Our focus is on identifying and developing the best technology solutions, at the lowest price possible, to align with each individual customer’s business objectives. We help cut to the chase and connect our customers with service providers who best meet their requirements, budget, and timeline.

Our Process is painless and simple:


Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team to understand your current and future needs, challenges, and business objectives.

Our Leaders

Man Wong

Managing Partner

Man has spent 20 years in his customer’s shoes, serving in IT leadership roles at ZellePay, Roblox, and Fremont Bank, to name a few. He was instrumental in scaling and strategically positioning each company’s infrastructure to support their growth. Man’s passion to help others led him to start Arkitech Group, where he leverages his years of experience to solve technology challenges for his customers. Man lives in Dublin with his wife Judyanne and two amazing boys, Isaiah and Jayden. When he is not working or spending time with family, you can find him playing basketball, golf, and reading.

Josh Mitchell


As a Partner at Arkitech Group, Josh has 20 years of industry experience as a trusted adviser for technology services. Josh enjoys helping his clients solve their most pressing technology challenges. While the technology landscape continues to evolve and change, Josh’s commitment to delivering results to his customers drives his focus.