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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Are you being overcharged for Telecom expenses? Unable to make sense of your telecom invoices? Have you asked yourself what are you even paying for? You’re not alone! Many businesses do not have a good handle on their telecom inventory, their terms and conditions, and high overage charges when they exceed their utilization.  Arkitech Group can provide TEM (Telecom Expense Management) services to help customers reduce unnecessary spend and negotiate better terms at a reduced cost. We will take on the headache of working with your telecom carrier to ensure billing accuracy and provide complete inventory to eliminate paying for unnecessary lines.

Outsourced IT & Virtual CIO Services

Technology is complex and it changes fast. Most companies have a hard time keeping up with their core business challenges, let alone managing their technology properly.  Many companies are stuck in a rut, continuing to maintain outdated technology that is hindering performance. The ultimate goal of course, is to leverage technology to increase revenue and decrease expenses. You might have a great in-house IT team that is terrific at keeping your infrastructure up and running, but it often takes third party IT consultants to bring a fresh perspective. An objective “hired gun” is in a much better place to identify issues that might have been overlooked and make recommendations about improving or replacing legacy systems and practices.

Many people ask “what is managed IT services” and the answer is, a great way to lower costs while getting access to expertise and technology you may not be able to afford in-house! This can include access to vCIO services. Developing a strategic technology plan can be a complex and difficult task, and not everyone has the skills to do it effectively. A seasoned vCIO will have had the advantage of seeing hundreds of other companies struggling with many of the same challenges as yours, and knows which technologies are best for solving specific problems. Beyond having deep technical expertise and being on top of the latest industry trends, a vCIO needs to have a good understanding of business management. This is a critical skill that’s required to understand your business goals, ultimately turning your goals into a robust, long- term strategic technology plan that aligns with your company’s unique needs and vision.

Six ways a virtual CIO can provide value

Help set strategic priorities, key initiatives, and identify ROI
Provide methods and processes to drive change
Offer input on regulatory and compliance matters
Evaluate current team skills and alignment
Manage your day to day technology direction
Support strategic vendor relationships

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