Data Center

Data Center

Are you still managing your own on-premise data center and looking to transition to a co-location/hosting model? Is your current data center scalable and capable of keeping up with your projected growth? Our experienced team at Arkitech Group will help you navigate the flood of data center options available, to determine the most efficient and cost effective solution. We work with you through all phases of the transition, from negotiating contracts, to migration and post-live support.

Network Management

Internet and Connectivity

Are you aware of the numerous on-net carriers and connectivity options available for your internet and private network? Our expertise helps save our clients valuable time and resources, designing the most optimal and cost effective WAN architecture possible. Schedule a free consultation today to learn what options are available to you.


Continuous connectivity is mandatory, and downtime is not an option. Organizations are turning to SD-WAN for their next-gen architecture, allowing for guaranteed uptime, boosted application performance, and lightning quick turn-up times. SASE takes this one step further and converges security with SD-WAN, giving companies the ability to manage their network and security policy configurations and analytics all from one portal. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how to future- proof your network.

Cloud Peering

As more companies are turning to public and hybrid cloud solutions to host their infrastructure, guaranteed connectivity to these environments becomes more vital. We have partnerships with the top carriers in the world. Schedule a free consultation today to see what options are available to increase your business’ productivity.

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